Ammon Bundy for Governor
Top 5 Reasons to Support Ammon Bundy

Top 5 Reasons to Support Ammon Bundy

1. Elimination of Property Tax

Property tax is the most immoral of all taxes because it is the states way of deifying itself by claiming that it owns everything, and forcing you to pay an annual tax on property that is supposed to be yours. But if you have to pay a tax on it, then how is it actually yours?

Key to my Keep Idaho IDAHO plan is the elimination of all Property Taxes in our state.

It's very simple, property taxes are immoral, and we therefore must eliminate them. You can’t just lower that which is immoral, it must be eliminated. Eliminating property tax will effectively put about $2,000 back into your pocket every year, but more important than that—it will mean that you finally OWN that which rightfully is yours, and the government can’t steal it from you.

You either have private property or you have property tax—you can't have both!

2. Eliminate Personal Income Tax

Nine states in America don’t have a personal income tax, ranging from highly populated states like Florida and Texas, to states with very little population like Wyoming and Alaska. Even our liberal neighbor Washington has no personal income tax.

Idaho’s personal income tax rate of 6.925% ranks us as 26th amongst the 50 states, with higher income tax rates than even liberal states like Massachusetts, Colorado, or New Mexico.

The fact that this tax still exists in Idaho is simply a clear demonstration that Republican leadership in Idaho has not advanced a true conservative agenda in the last 4 decades.

And the idea that we can’t do this when 9 other states already have, simply means that those saying so, are either bad at math, or simply incompetent. Idaho can do this, and when I’m Governor we will get rid of Personal Income Tax. This will put an average of $3,300 back into your pocket every year.

3. Implement Restitution and Restoration Laws

Our current laws for non-violent crimes is completely out of whack and totally absurd here in Idaho. Many don’t realize that Idaho has the highest incarceration rate in the world! And there is no reason for us to incarcerate so many non violent criminals.

Here’s how our system works right now—if someone steals an iPhone out of your car and are subsequently caught, we then put that person in jail and force you, the taxpayer, to pay to keep them there. Furthermore, most of the time, you never even get your iPhone back because the system keeps it as “evidence in a crime” and so you just get burned, and we end up usually turning a non-violent criminal into a full fledged, violent criminal over time. It makes no sense and it only serves to exacerbate existing criminality and expand the prison system at a current cost of $283 million per year. This means it costs Idaho $35,000 per year to house these non-violent criminals, which is $8,000 more than the median Idaho income. Does that make any sense to you?

As part of my Keep Idaho IDAHO plan, I will implement a system of Restitution and Restoration for non violent crime. It is simple, if someone steals your iPhone, it must be immediately returned to you along with a judgment in your favor for and additional 20% of the value of it. That’s it. It’s simple. Restitution and restoration. If you’re a victim of a non-violent crime, you get restored, plus 20%.

4. Take Back Federal Land in Idaho

Article 1, section 8, clause 17 of the Constitution of the United States only permits the federal government to own 10 square miles of land for our national Capital, and any other land which a state legislature sells to the federal government which can only be used for “the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings.”

The federal government has broken this constitutional law and now controls over 61% of all land in Idaho. It is wrong and unconstitutional. And it is a total abomination. Wealth, prosperity, and freedom all stem from land ownership, so the control of this land by the federal government represents nothing more than an assault on Idahoan’s liberty and prosperity.

The Federal Government has no right to this land. Period. As a major part of my Keep Idaho IDAHO plan, as Governor of Idaho, I will see to it that Idaho’s land is taken back by the State of Idaho and that it is properly adjudicated back to the people.

This will open up entire new industries and near unlimited prosperity for business, enterprise, entrepreneurship, energy independence, and for Idahoans in general. And yes, I know how to fight for land that is rightfully ours and how to win. And I’ve already proven that I’m willing to take the fight all the way to the end. When I’m Governor, Idaho will take our land back, period.

5. Executive Order to End Abortions

I am a strong believer in our systems of checks and balances and do not believe that Executive Orders should be used by the Executive Branch as a means to create law without the need for the legislative branch.

However, Executive Orders can and should be used when someone’s life, liberty, or property is in jeopardy and there is not sufficient time for the legislature to convene to prevent it.

Every moment of every day in Idaho, the lives of our precious unborn babies lie in jeopardy of being terminated by the cruel and barbaric process known as abortion, which is nothing less than murder and actual infanticide. As Governor, my very first action on day 1 of my term will be to sign an executive order recognizing life as beginning at conception, and giving the full force and measure of Idaho law to protect such life from that moment forward. Simply put—I will end all abortions by executive order on day one of my Governorship.

I will then work diligently with the legislature to enshrine the protection of the lives of our babies while honoring the glory of motherhood and protecting our mothers at the same time, by amending our state constitution with clear laws and plain language forever prohibiting this heinous crime.