Ammon Bundy for Governor
The 10 Planks of MAGA Interviews

The 10 Planks of MAGA Interviews

Hello, I’m Pasquale Scopelliti, and I had the distinct joy of interviewing Ammon for his take on the 10 Planks of the MAGA Platform. When I found Ammon’s Keep Idaho IDAHO Plan, I knew I had to interview him.

Introducing myself a bit, as an analyst I served the Trump Campaign in 2016, working closely together with General Mike Flynn. I’m active in social media, with Twitter being my main platform, where I am @ThyConsigliori. I regularly post threads there, and have posted thoughts on my interview with Ammon. In 2018, my wife Kate and I published a book, America First: The MAGA Manifesto, in which the 10 Planks of the MAGA Movement are laid out.

Ammon is the most unique candidate on the field in America today. His historical, philosophical, and religious dedication is only matched by the seriousness of his vision and the playful joy of his creative, fresh solutions.

I hope you enjoy watching these interviews as much as I enjoyed doing them. As Idaho’s next governor, Ammon is about to make his mark upon America, and upon history. That’s what you’ll hear below.

Introduction: The 10 Planks of MAGA

10-Planks of MAGA

As laid out in Candidate Trump's Final Rally of 2016

  1. Remember The Forgotten Americans
  2. Rule Of Law
  3. American Jobs
  4. Improving The Quality of Life For Every American
  5. Heal Our Cities
  6. Build The Wall
  7. Make America Wealthy Again
  8. Make America Strong Again
  9. Make America Safe Again
  10. Make America Great Again

Full Interview

1. Remember the Forgotten Americans - Ammon's Sacred Pledge to Idaho's Peace Officers (8m 33s)

2. Rule of Law - Restitution vs Incarceration (16m 52s)

3. American Jobs - Ammon Explains the UNCONSTITUTIONAL Land Ownership of the Federal Government (13m 40s)

4. Improving the Quality of Life for Every American - and Every Idahoan (13m 9s)

5. Heal Our Cities - STOP The Handouts! (12m 49s)

6. Build the Wall (11m 10s)

7. Make America Wealthy Again and the Keep Idaho IDAHO Plan (10m 16s)

8/9/10. Make America AND Idaho Strong, Safe & Great Again - "Our Constitution was Inspired by God." (9m 1s)

Conclusion: What Will Idaho Look Like After Your Last Term? (2m 53s)

Full Interview (1h 39m)