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Press Releases

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Ammon Bundy Put In Jail

April 7th, 2022
The Idaho court system has again put on display for the whole world to see its absurd level of corruption, incompetence, and malpractice, as Ammon Bundy was actually taken to jail today on charges of contempt…
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3 Reasons I Left the Republican Party to Run as an Independent

March 8th, 2022
A few weeks ago, on February 17th, 2022, I made the announcement that I would be leaving the Republican Party and running as an independent candidate for Governor of Idaho…
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Republican Leaders Back Down

January 10th, 2022
Just a few days ago we alerted the people of Idaho about a threat to their freedom coming from the party bosses at the Idaho GOP…
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Idaho Republican Leaders Vote to Restrict Candidates from Running for Office

January 5th, 2022
It has come to my attention that the Idaho Republican Party (GOP) leaders will be voting on a rule change this Friday and Saturday, requiring any person wanting to run in the Republican Primary to first receive approval from the party bosses…
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Ron Paul Endorses Ammon Bundy for Idaho Governor

November 9th, 2021
I am honored to receive the endorsement of Ron Paul for my candidacy to be governor of the state of Idaho. Ron Paul is a living legend and an icon for conservative values and Constitutional purity…
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Ammon Bundy's Statement on Endorsements from Idaho Politicians

November 9th, 2021
Ammon is not seeking nor is he interested in the support of Idaho politicians. It is sad and unfortunate, but Idaho politicians are who put us in the mess we are in right now…
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Freedom Stand USA and Self Defense

October 27th, 2021
As many of you are aware, every person found constitutionally bearing arms at the Charlie Kirk FreedomStand USA event last night, October 26, 2021, was turned away…
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Ammon Bundy's Statement on Debates

October 22nd, 2021
From the beginning of my campaign, I have made it clear that my goal is to advance the cause of freedom and liberty and to put an end to the socialist tyrannical government that is currently controlling Idaho…
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Roger Stone Endorses Ammon Bundy

October 17th, 2021
I am pleased to announce that Roger Stone has endorsed me for Governor of Idaho. Roger has been an effective advisor to many leaders in our country including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and his longtime friend Donald J. Trump…
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Ammon Bundy’s official statement on his Trespassing Charge Appeal

September 23rd, 2021
My attorneys have advised me many times that they believe this case would be overturned in a higher court. This is part of a letter that I received from my attorneys that has caused me to reconsider…
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Official Statement from Ammon Bundy about Federal COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

September 10th, 2021
Joe Biden seems to think he has the authority over your body to mandate this Covid-19 vaccine. There is no greater form of oppression and authoritarianism than when government takes control over your body. This is absolute tyranny at its highest level…
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Ammon Bundy’s official statement about the re-escalation of COVID mandates

July 28th, 2021
As you may have heard, the CDC is recommending that all student K-12 wear a mask again this year. Vaccinated or not. The madness continues…
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Statement on Hospitals in Idaho forcing their employees on get the COVID Vaccine

July 10th, 2021
All the hospital employees that do not want to get the vaccine should refuse to take it and use the religious or medical exemptions already available to them—and keep the government out of it! If the government can force one way then it can force the other way as well…
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Official Statement from Ammon Bundy

July 1st, 2021
Today I was convicted of trespassing at the Idaho Capitol Building on August 25, 2020. After a 4 day trial the jury decided that my presence in the Lincoln Auditorium, during open hours, was a criminal act…
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Ammon Bundy Announces Candidacy for Governor

June 19th, 2021
Ammon Bundy has officially declared his candidacy for Governor of the state of Idaho…
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