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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Ammon fulfill the Keep Idaho IDAHO Plan as governor? Doesn't he need the support of the legislature?
The Governor of Idaho is the Chief Executive Officer of the state and does not have the power to unilaterally create law in Idaho. However, he is the leader of the state and can set the course for the agenda he wants to accomplish.

When the citizens of Idaho elect me with a clear mandate to be the Governor of Idaho, this will give the legislature the needed pressure to see to it that the Governor's agenda is enacted legislatively.

As Governor, I will encourage and inspire the legislators to Keep Idaho IDAHO, and likewise will encourage and inspire the citizens to hold their legislators accountable so that they support the Keep Idaho IDAHO plan with their legislative votes.
How can Ammon legally stop abortion in Idaho? Isn't that an issue for the federal government?
Ammon can issue an executive order in the state of Idaho and it will have the full force of law in the state. However, it will undoubtedely be challenged and could ultimately make it to the Supreme Court.

It is possible that the Supreme Court could uphold the legality of the Executive Order, thereby overturning Roe v. Wade and establishing a new precedence for abortion law in our country.

It is likewise possible that they can reject the executive order causing me to have to readjust. In any event, I will ensure that we continue to fight to eliminate the scourge and moral stain of abortion in Idaho and I will use every legal and possible means necessary. I will fight to defend the unborn in Idaho and I'm willing to withstand the pressure, scrutiny, and inevitable media slime that will be directed my way.
Is it true that Ammon has experience in technology and business?
Many people are unaware that before being thrust into the spotlight in 2014 at the so called "Battle of Bunkerville" in Nevada, I was a successful businessman. And even after those events I continued as an entrepreneur.

I have been fortunate to grow and build two multi-million dollar companies from scratch, and am proud and thankful for the experience I gained. In fact, my second company was a technology business that developed the most effective management software for Fleet Management Services, and is still the most widely used software of its kind in the industry.

So yes, I have decades of experience in Corporate leadership, entrepreneurship, and technology.
I enjoy fishing, camping and hunting on public land, will I be able to do that when the Keep Idaho IDAHO plan is implemented?
The right to fish, camp, hunt and be out on Idaho public land is an established right of each person living in Idaho. In fact, did you know that the Idaho Constitution protects the rights for individuals to hunt, fish, and trap? Yes it does. The Keep Idaho IDAHO Plan strengthens the rights of Idahoans to use and enjoy the land and ensures that the State protects that right.
How will public land be made available to the people under the Keep Idaho IDAHO Plan?
First, It is important to recognize that there are many existing rights already established on public land, rights such as mineral rights, grazing rights, and timber rights. The state's duty is to assist the owners of these rights in securing them. Therefore, the State will create a registry so an owner can deed their right with the State (if not already deeded). The State will then begin to defend these rights just like all other property rights. This registry will also be used to deed new usage rights on Idaho public land.

Second, the State will designate all land in Idaho as public or private.
  • Public land will be made available to the people by implementing multiple use doctrine, which includes the State protecting the right of all Idahoans to hunt, fish, camp, and access the land to enjoy.
  • Designated private land will be made available for people to purchase through a process that will prevent a person (including corporations) from buying up multiple sections.
  • Funds generated from Idaho land will be designated for infrastructure (roads, schools, utilities) primarily appropriated by the counties.
More details will be provided on this website in the near future.
What do you think about eliminating public education altogether? If you are in favor of that, why is it not mentioned in the plan?
I do not believe the government should be in the education business at all. However, the practicality of that, we are far from. Therefore, I believe that parents who want to educate their children without interference from the government should be protected and not regulated. The public funds that are going to education should follow the child and the parents decide where that money goes. This would create a more free market education system, bring accountability to schools, and create a much better education system than we now have.
You said that you will work to eliminate all unnecessary state licensure. What licenses would not be considered necessary? Is there any licensing or regulation that you think should remain?
I do not believe in state licensing because it only empowers the state agencies and not the people. Somebody may say that we need licensing to protect us. This is a fallacy. It only creates more government to harm us, to control us, and to extract our hard earned money from us.

Our system of government already properly provides a way for us to get remedy if somebody performs inferior work or service. For example, if someone does electrical work on my home and that work is inferior and causes my home to catch on fire, I can hold that person accountable in the courts. Through due process that person will be required by law to restore the damages to my home.

So, why do we need state licensing? It does not protect us, it does not make things better for us and it destroys the balance of a free market. The only state licensing that would be constitutional is the State requiring itself to be licensed. Each person has a right to freely trade with each other without needing permission from the government.
What do you think about building codes? I realize building code itself is county wide but electrical, mechanical, and plumbing are state mandated, unless I'm mistaken.
Building codes coming from county government are no different than licensing coming from the state. My position is very similar. So, I will let my statement above stand as it applies to building codes.

To ensure high quality homes are built is easily done by private inspection and certification that would be promoted when the home is sold. Homes would go for more money if they are certified. Now, I do believe there is some legitimacy to zoning because it promotes the protection of a person's property rights and establishes an agreement or understanding between property owners. However, the agreement should be made by the property owners and not by the county or state and it should be recorded by the county.
How would Ammon have handled the COVID crisis if he were the Governor?
What are 10 things I may not know about Ammon Bundy?
That's a great question. Click here to learn 10 Things You May Not Know About Ammon Bundy.
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