Ammon Bundy for Governor
Clarity Statement

Ammon Bundy's Clarity Statement

I understand that the people of Idaho want to have confidence in the decisions that I will make as Governor of Idaho. However, since it is impossible to predict the specific issues that will arise during my term as Governor, I have created this Clarity Statement so that the citizens of Idaho can have complete confidence concerning how I will act and respond to issues that arise because my decisions will be based on the following set of clarified principles and beliefs:

ONE - Constitutional Purity

The Constitution of the United States has been the most effective foundational document for advancing individual liberty and freedom ever devised in human history. It has secured and protected the rights of more people with diverse backgrounds and beliefs than any other document written by men. The Constitution is the bedrock of American liberty and the foundation of our government. Idaho’s sovereignty as a state is also ensured by the 9th and 10th amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

AFFIRM - I will always support legislation and actions that are in alignment with the original intent of the founders who signed the Constitution. I will take my oath of office seriously and only support legislation or executive actions that are Constitutional, or that honor the proper role of state government, thereby protecting the rights and freedoms of all Idahoans.

REJECT - I will veto any legislation that is not in alignment with the Constitution or that is outside of the scope of the proper role of state government. I likewise will not support any executive action that is not in alignment with the Constitution or the proper role of state government.

TWO - Free Markets

America is strong because America was founded on the basis of Freedom. This is the land of the free. Our state and federal government’s unlawful expansion into areas of life not expressly authorized by the Constitution, or that are simply beyond the scope of the proper role of government, is illegal and immoral. Our forefathers shed their blood so that their posterity could be free. Americans, and Idahoans specifically, must always be free.

AFFIRM - I will always support the historical cause of Freedom in America. This includes: free markets, freedom of thought and ideas, personal health freedom and body autonomy, freedom to worship, and the freedom of conscience.

REJECT - I will reject the expansion of government which restricts our freedoms, frustrates the Constitution, and destroys economic and civil progress.

THREE - Traditional Values

America, and Idaho specifically, was built on the firm foundation of strong family and Judeo-Christian values. As Idahoans, we recognize that there are things that are morally right and others that are morally wrong. Any legislation that condones behavior that is morally wrong undermines the entire foundation of a civilized and free society.

AFFIRM - I will support legislation and executive actions that affirm traditional American values and Judeo-Christian morals.

REJECT - I will never support legislation or executive action that I deem to be morally wrong.