Ammon Bundy for Governor
3 Lies the Media Has Told You

3 Lies the Mainstream Media Has Told You About Ammon Bundy

1. Ammon is an anti-government militant who led an armed takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

This accusation always makes me laugh because not only is it a lie, but it is a total mischaracterization of the events and of my beliefs. The way the media tells it, it sounds like I led a group of wild militants, using hostile force and blasting our automatic weapons to forcefully takeover a government building. It’s just total nonsense.

First of all, I’m not anti-government. Think about it this way—if you don’t eat poison, does it make you anti-food? If you don’t do drugs, does it make you anti-medicine?

And if I don’t support government overreach nor the open, plain, and obvious corruption in government, does that make me anti-government or just anti corruption? I think it’s pretty obvious.

The story of what happened at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge has been completely distorted and it has nothing to do with militantism. It has everything to do with protecting the rights of our neighbors who were being bullied and abused by corrupt government officials who were trying to steal their land.

And contrary to the popular media accounts, we had the support of the local people who were there and we never broke a single, solitary, law. Let that sink in. We never broke any laws.

Anyhow, the entirety of the TRUE STORY can be seen here, so you can determine for yourself what really happened, and you can see, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the caricature created and narrative created by the media was and is patently false.

2. Ammon hates police officers.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I believe and wholeheartedly support the existence of law enforcement and identify it as a necessary support to ensure the “blessings of liberty” as described in the US Constitution.

Additionally, I recognize the authority of law enforcement to be of divine origin as well as being clearly defined in the Idaho State Constitution. However, this means that I also believe that the purpose, role, and lawful behavior of law enforcement is likewise defined by divine authority and subsequently by the US Constitution and the Idaho State Constitution.

Therefore any actions taken by police officers that are beyond their clearly defined role and Constitutionally described boundaries should never be celebrated nor allowed.

Unfortunately, the propaganda machine has worked diligently for years to create a strange dichotomy as it pertains to Law Enforcement—either you love everything that all police officers do everywhere, no matter how illegal, unethical, or immoral it is—or you are “anti-cop” and you hate the police.

Plainly stated, I don’t hate the police. I love and honor every honest police officer who executes his duties according to the Constitution and with the fear of God. Likewise, I detest any police officer who abuses his power, terrorizes innocent citizens, and violates peoples’ rights simply because he can get away with it.

I don’t understand the position of ANYONE who would support abusive police officers. How is that patriotic? How is it moral? How is it right?

I personally have had good experiences with honest, God fearing police officers whom I respect and honor. However, I have likewise had terrible experiences with multiple levels of law enforcement from local police, sheriff’s departments, the FBI, and other pseudo police agencies like the BLM and more. These police officers behaved unconstitutionally, broke the law, lied under oath, and abused my family. It is all recorded either on video or shown as evidence in our court case(s) and it is why my family and I were absolved of all charges and completely vindicated.

Unfortunately, our system is such that these same police officers who broke multiple laws faced absolutely ZERO consequences for their actions. So, I have become very vocal about talking about the need to fix the problem of abuse that exists in our law enforcement system, because I know how wicked it is having experienced it firsthand.

The news media, however, have taken my stances against BAD COPS, and have morphed it into the lie that I hate ALL COPS. It is utter nonsense but what more should you expect from the lying fake news outlets?

3. Ammon has never held any leadership positions.

Some media outlets have tried to discredit me by claiming that I have no experience and have never held any leadership positions. I really don’t care and it doesn’t bother me that the media is constantly lying about me. But, just to set the record straight, before I was thrust into the national spotlight because of corrupt government forces trying to steal my family’s land in Nevada, I was a successful small businessman.

In fact, in addition to raising a family with 6 kids, I’ve built two separate multi-million dollar businesses, both from scratch. One of those businesses was in the field of technology, where I built a company that created an advanced piece of software that is now considered to be the gold standard in its industry to this day.

Many know that additionally, I have worked tirelessly, with friends and family to support individuals in their need for support when they were likewise being terrorized by corrupt government officials or otherwise had their rights threatened or violated.

Ultimately, I built the People’s Rights Network, again from scratch, which is a network of likeminded Americans who have pledged to support their neighbors and defend them if and when their rights are being violated. The Network spans the entire country and has nearly 60,000 members.

So while I don’t care to talk about it or “toot my own horn,” the fact of the matter is that I have plenty of experience with leadership, business, and technology. But if you believe what the media says, Ammon Bundy is just some dumb “hick from the styx” who shoots guns and wears a tin foil hat. So sorry to disappoint you.