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COVID - How it Should Have Been Handled

COVID - How it Should Have Been Handled by the Governor

The COVID crisis that the world experienced in 2020 was the most outrageous thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Governments around the world, including our own here in Idaho, used it to expand government power and control like we’ve never seen in our lives or have ever experienced in American history.

Brad Little, the Governor here in Idaho, in particular took Idaho down a socialistic path, introducing over 25 executive orders with nearly every one of them having unconstitutional elements that violated peoples rights and destroyed people’s lives. And he used his office and the media to distort truths and scare the people into submission because they were afraid for their very lives, even though there was no reason to be.

I have been fighting against unconstitutional overreach since the beginning of this so called crisis and I would like to show you exactly how I would have handled this situation if I were the Governor during the COVID crisis.

Obviously, there were many changes over time and so I will break my statements up into several statements over the course of the year:


The news media is claiming that we are in a Pandemic and is encouraging state governments to impose emergency measures in the name of stopping the spread of the so called COVID-19 virus.

As the Governor of Idaho, I will address this issue 3 ways: first, Constitutionally. Second, logically. And third, medically.

First, from a Constitutional perspective, no Government has the right or authority to violate people’s rights like we’ve seen in other states. No Governor has the Constitutional authority to shut down businesses and prevent trade or commerce, nor to designate some businesses as essential while others are non-essential. It is simply unconstitutional. In Idaho, I will not be issuing any emergency orders that violate people’s rights in any way. Idaho will remain open and free.

Second, logic dictates that we must consider actual facts instead of hysteria. First of all, by both the legal and practical definition of a pandemic, Idaho is nowhere near being in an actual pandemic. So we should not even consider any extraordinary measures beyond advising our people to be extra judicious about their hygiene. Wash your hands, get fresh air and sunlight, and keep your immune system strong, people.

Finally, from a medical perspective, I will see to it that our brightest minds in Idaho, using actual science keep me posted on a daily basis as to the changes regarding the COVID-19 virus. And I will make decisions accordingly, but no matter the situation, Idaho will remain open and free and Idaho will not unconstitutionally lockdown its citizens like other states have done.


Once people started getting admitted to hospitals and dying on ventilators and death certificates started being issued with false COVID-19 attribution, I would have made the following statement:

It has come to my attention that hospitals in the state of Idaho are doing two things that are completely wrong:

First of all, patients who are dying from diseases like cancer, diabetes, and other fatal illnesses are being falsely attributed to COVID-19. I am issuing an executive order today preventing these false attributions so that the State of Idaho can have true and real statistics regarding this disease.

Second, hospitals are receiving special payments of approximately $13,000 from the federal government for patients who they claim have COVID-19 and additional payments up to $39,000 for every patient who is put on a ventilator. This means that hospitals are being incentivized by the federal government to artificially inflate COVID-19 statistics and in some cases, even kill patients on ventilators when no such treatment is necessary.

As of today, I am issuing an executive order which will prevent any medical institution from falsely attributing deaths to COVID-19 when there is no clear evidence that the death was from COVID-19 and it will also penalize any medical employee or institution who knowingly falsifies statistical data.

Idaho will not be a part of the lying and deception going on in this country right now. Our statistics will be true and honest and we will prosecute anyone who tries to manipulate these statistics for whatever outcome they have—which is evidently to scare people with false numbers of deaths, and in the case of hospitals to receive financial benefits at the expense of innocent citizens.


Wearing a facemask has become a major hot button issue in this country. In Idaho, we will keep the same position and stance as we have from the onset of this situation—we will remain FREE. Nobody will be forced to do anything. If you want to wear a mask, wear one. If you don’t want to wear a mask—no one can force you to wear one in any public setting and no one can deny you access to any store, event, or business open to the public. Forcing people to wear a mask in order to participate in society is a violation of their Constitutional rights and a further violation of health laws in our country.

And in accordance with these principles, Idaho will never require vaccines or proof of vaccines for anybody in our state to do business or to function in society. This is not the Soviet Union, people. I will not allow our law enforcement to turn into the gestapo with checkpoints requiring people to “show their proof of vaccine” or to “put on a mask” just to live their normal lives. This insanity has got to stop—but fortunately in Idaho, this insanity will never begin because I will not allow it.


When Hydroxychloroquine became a national issue and was banned in many states, I would have made the following statement:

The medicine known as Hydroxychloroquine has become a national issue in recent weeks with many states banning its use and preventing citizens from obtaining it. This is a useful drug that has been used for over 60 years and is well known for being safe and effective, like aspirin or other common medicines. I find it shocking that state governments are taking extraordinary measures to prevent their citizens from obtaining this medicine. Why? What are you afraid of? Are you afraid it might actually heal people and then that will put an end to the farce you’ve been peddling for months?

Here in Idaho, I am issuing rules to our board of pharmacy to ensure that Hydroxychloroquine is available to whoever wants to use just like it always has been. There will be no restrictions put on this medicine in Idaho. If you want to take it, you can. If you don’t want to, then don’t. Idaho will once again stand on the side of FREEDOM. You should be free to choose what you want to do and free to take what you want to take without intrusion from the government.

Had Brad Little taken these actions here in Idaho, we would have ended up with the freest state in America, with schools never shutting down, businesses continually thriving, and families happier and more prosperous than ever—without any economic disaster, and with the least amount of infections in the country. Why? Because we would have exposed how the hysteria around COVID was fabricated, as were the numbers of infections and deaths. And the whole world could have seen that the draconian and unconstitutional measures taken by governments against their citizens where not only unnecessary and destructive but illegal and immoral.

Instead, thousands of Idahoans lost their jobs, lost their businesses, had their lives destroyed, and had their rights violated repeatedly. Churchgoers were arrested, churches were closed, people were arrested in parks, and our own law enforcement agencies were turned into soviet style agents whose duty was to harass the people when they were breaking no laws. It was all despicable and disgusting.

And these are not “armchair quarterback” claims I am making now that we are a year after the fact—as these are the same things I said publicly when it was all happening. I have literally been saying these things since this all got started back in March of 2020. Unfortunately, Governor Brad Little took the wrong path, and made his decisions for power, control, and money. I have already documented how he did so in other videos that have been published online for months. In short, Brad Little sold out Idaho, broke the law, and committed atrocities against freedom all for his own personal gain. It is reprehensible.