Ammon Bundy for Governor
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How can Ammon fulfill the Keep Idaho IDAHO Plan as governor? Doesn't he need the support of the legislature?

Q. How can Ammon legally stop abortion in Idaho? Isn't that an issue for the federal government?

Q. Is it true that Ammon has experience in technology and business?

Many people are unaware that before being thrust into the spotlight in 2014 at the so called "Battle of Bunkerville" in Nevada, I was a successful businessman. And even after those events I continued as an entrepreneur.

I have been fortunate to grow and build two multi-million dollar companies from scratch, and am proud and thankful for the experience I gained. In fact, my second company was a technology business that developed the most effective management software for Fleet Management Services, and is still the most widely used software of its kind in the industry.

So yes, I have decades of experience in Corporate leadership, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Q. I enjoy fishing, camping and hunting on public land, will I be able to do that when the Keep Idaho IDAHO plan is implemented?

Q. How will public land be made available to the people under the Keep Idaho IDAHO Plan?

Q. What do you think about eliminating public education altogether? If you are in favor of that, why is it not mentioned in the plan?

Q. You said that you will work to eliminate all unnecessary state licensure. What licenses would not be considered necessary? Is there any licensing or regulation that you think should remain?

Q. What do you think about building codes? I realize building code itself is county wide but electrical, mechanical, and plumbing are state mandated, unless I'm mistaken.

Q. How would Ammon have handled the COVID crisis if he were the Governor?

Q. What are 10 things I may not know about Ammon Bundy?

Q. I have heard you don't like Trump. Is this true and if so why?

Q. Won't Ammon just split the conservative vote in the General election by running as an independent?

Q. I though you were a felon?! I don't vote for felons.

Q. I heard you hate gay people, you think they don't have any rights, and believe they shouldn't even have children! Is this true?!?

Q. My employer is forcing me to wear a mask and get the jab (vaccine). If I don't, I may lose my job! Shouldn't government defend my rights?