Ammon Bundy for Governor
My Position on The Issues

My Position on The Issues

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Civil Asset Forfeiture

COVID - How It Should Have Been Handled

Education Reform

Federal Control Over Idaho Land

Gun Rights

Housing Crisis

The historical American Dream was rooted in property ownership and in order for people to feel prosperous, secure, and happy, they have to have their own home. Idaho is a growing state, and as we grow, we want people in Idaho to participate in this dream.

So, Idaho must make a cultural decision—we can either build up or build out. That is to say, we can grow by spreading out or by creating densely populated areas. However, history and human nature demonstrate that if we go down the path we are on now and build up and create dense and congested cities with large populations, traffic, and pollution, we will lose our conservative, traditional values. It's just what happens.

If we are going to maintain our historic and traditional values, and ultimately Keep Idaho IDAHO, we must spread out and make Idaho's land available to the people while simultaneously ensuring that necessary land remains public land for multiple use purposes (under local jurisdiction). Then we can enjoy the fruits of prosperity and land ownership while maintaining our culturally conservative identity.

The current affordable housing crisis is caused by a number of complicated factors, many of which have been caused by the Federal Government. Nevertheless, at its core, this crisis is simply a supply-and-demand issue. To lower prices, we simply need more supply. And to have more supply, we need to take our land back.

Idaho State Healthcare Exchange (Ottercare / Obamacare)

Parental Rights

Property Tax

State Licensure

State Sovereignty


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