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My Position on The Issues

My Position on The Issues

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Civil Asset Forfeiture

COVID - How It Should Have Been Handled

Education Reform

Federal Control Over Idaho Land

Gun Rights

Housing Crisis

Idaho State Healthcare Exchange (Ottercare / Obamacare)

Parental Rights

Property Tax

State Licensure

For decades we have been led to believe that quality service comes because of a government license. This is simply not true, and to prove it let's use a couple of examples.

First, let's say you have the profession of a health care worker. You went to school to receive training and then you where issued a certificate of completion, proving you have been trained in your field of work. You were then hired and now provide great health care and service. You don’t provide great care and service because your licensed with the state - not at all. That’s a misnomer. Your quality of service has nothing to do with licensure. However, licensing is a way for the state to control an industry's ability to freely trade services and for the state to justify collecting fees from that industry. When it comes to health care, I want the best care I can get, of course. But good care has nothing at all to do with a state agency controlling the people that provide it. In fact, the service in our health care facilities has drastically diminished directly because of government regulation in health care and other industries and services.

Second, let's say you want to build a home, and you decide to hire licensed contractors to do the work. You tend to believe that because they hold a license granted by the state government that they are good workers, that they must know what they are doing, and that they will be honest and upright in their dealings with you. After all, why else would a business advertise its state contractor's license number unless it was supposed to instill confidence in potential customers. However, after the work is done, and they have been paid, does this mean your home will never have problems, and is built exactly as you would prefer? Absolutely not. You were likely not present during the entire building process, and ultimately have no idea what the contractor(s) did (and neither does the state). Yet, we still hear of homes all the time, built by state licensed contractors, supposedly built 'to code', but still have issues, or that even burn down! In fact, we even hear stories of contractors getting paid, and then disappearing before finishing the job they were hired to do! But, what about those licenses? Wasn't it supposed to protect you from poor craftsmanship and/or fraud? What about all those permits and inspections? Shouldn't they have protected your major investment? While the latter at least has potential to help... the former does absolutely nothing in determining the quality of the service or goods you receive.

State Sovereignty


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