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Ammon Bundy does NOT Support BLM!

Ammon Bundy does NOT Support BLM!

I do not support the Black Lives Matter movement. I never have and I never will. Everything the Black Lives Matter movement stands for is antithetical to my own beliefs and my own faith. For anyone to claim such an absurdity is to tell a lie.

Anyone who has said that I support Black Lives Matter is simply lying.

So for those who have fallen for this outrageous lie, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who organized groups in Northern Idaho and Boise to stand guard at businesses when BLM were protesting?
  • Who stood with the people in Emmett when BLM assembled and threatened to tear down the blue line flags on private property?
  • Who took very public action over the last several years fighting against anti-constitutional actions and immoral socialist policies and tyranny?

I did. Do those sound like the actions of someone who supports BLM? Please. Get real.

This all stems from gullible people falling for the same FALSE DICHOTOMIES that the media pushes so well. Please stop falling for it. This false dichotomy is that you either support something or you hate something. Either you support all cops or you hate all cops. Either you support all black people or you’re a racist.

In my case, as a Patriot, a known lover and defender of freedom, the Constitution, and the Biblical principles of liberty upon which our country was founded, I decided to attend a rally which was being held to denounce abuse by police officers.

First of all, this does not mean I hate police. But yes, it does mean I am against ABUSIVE police. Who would be in favor of abusive police?

Likewise if I attended a rally protesting child abuse, that would not mean that I hate PARENTS and oppose parenthood! So please don’t fall for the false dichotomy pushed on you by the lying propaganda machine which says that if anybody points out abuse in the military or law enforcement that they therefore HATE cops and veterans. It is complete nonsense. You are smarter than that.

Black Lives Matter is a known marxist organization whose principles are evil, wicked, and morally reprehensible. That is my position about the organization and its stated motives. That being said, however, not every person who attends a rally where Black Lives Matter is present, is likewise a Marxist. A huge number of them are simply uninformed, confused, and being led astray. And as long as we stay separate and divided, and allow the media to control us—we will never find a resolution to our cultural issues.

I recognized the issue of POLICE ABUSE as a common denominator that could be used to bring us together. I personally, have been seriously abused by police officers. I have friends who are hispanic, Native American, black, and white who have all been abused by police officers. This is a people issue and not a race issue. It could have been the perfect issue to bring people together and to stand for what is right, and to find unity with people on the other side who are being misled. And it could have been the issue we used to start winning them over to our side.

It is a fact that conservative principles commonly win people over—when they are pronounced by people who the other side respects. Contrariwise, liberals and democrats rarely \"win\" over conservatives, because conservatives are generally better informed. The point is that we need to win these people over and to do so we have to find common ground.

I therefore decided to attend a rally protesting police abuse. Like I said, I can’t imagine anybody in favor of police abuse. If so, I definitely believe you have problems. Remember, you can be PRO POLICE while simultaneously being against POLICE ABUSE. In fact, I don’t know how you can be pro police without simultaneously being against police abuse.

So I publicized that I would attend the rally, though I never ultimately attended. Black Lives Matter was also there. This then turned into the ridiculous lie that \"Ammon Bundy supports Black Lives Matter.\" Tom Luna, the head of the Republican Party even went so far as to tell this outright lie that \"Ammon Bundy has known alliances with the radical factions of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.\"

That is a lie. Tom Luna lied. And everyone who repeats this lie is a liar. So Tom, if I have known alliances with the radical factions of the BLM movement, please tell us who they are. Name them. Otherwise, stop lying.

For additional clarification, you can read the article that I posted on my Facebook page after the police abuse rally took place in Idaho in October 2020. (Oops, sorry... Facebook has since deleted my entire account along with this post.)

In this video clip, Ammon responds to the question, "I heard you joined Black Lives Matter" during a live Meet 'n' Greet event.