Ammon Bundy for Governor
Ammon Bundy's Statement on Endorsements from Idaho Politicians

Ammon Bundy's Statement on Endorsements from Idaho Politicians

November 9th, 2021


Contact: Wendy Leatham
Campaign Manager
PO Box 370
Emmett, ID 83617
(208) 81-BUNDY

Ammon is honored to have the support of so many great American patriots and constitutionalists like Ron Paul and Roger Stone, and local Idaho conservative leaders and patriots.

However, Ammon is not seeking nor is he interested in the support of Idaho politicians. It is sad and unfortunate, but Idaho politicians are who put us in the mess we are in right now. If Idaho politicians were honest, freedom loving, and Constitution respecting patriots, Ammon wouldn’t even be running for Governor.

If you want things to continue the way they are RIGHT NOW, where Pastors get arrested for having church, where businesses are shut down by government, where mother’s get arrested for going to the park, where people lose their life savings and their hopes and dreams, where the Governor amasses power to himself that is totally illegal but faces no consequences, where we remain illegally in a state of emergency for almost 2 years even though Idaho law limits it to 60 days, where our police officers are used as pawns and goons for tyranny and oppression by corrupt politicians, where Idaho has the highest incarceration rates in the world, where mask and vaccine mandates are forced on the people, and critical race theory is taught in public schools and subsidized by the taxpayer, and where tyranny and corruption are so common place that it is part of the fabric of our culture and accepted as normal, then keep voting for the same politicians. Keep it up. That’s what gave us what we have today.

In fact, the way you can tell who NOT TO VOTE for is to see who their endorsements are. Corrupt and wicked politicians all happily endorse one another. It’s what they do. They abuse you and rip you off all while patting themselves on the back knowing that they can get away with it because you will keep voting for them.

The Bundy for Governor campaign is not interested in endorsements from any Idaho State Politicians, not even the half-a-dozen or so “good politicians” that exist in Idaho. The endorsements that matter are those that come from people who are Constitutionalists, who believe in the principles of freedom and free market economics, and who don’t have a HISTORY of failing repeatedly to preserve or advance the cause of freedom in the state of Idaho—like nearly all Idaho Politicians have.

Ammon Bundy