Ammon Bundy for Governor
The Government is Anti-You!

The Government is Anti-You!

October 24th, 2022


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Over the last few years, because of decisions made by government officials, the cost of living has increased by approximately 25%, the cost of fuel has increased by around 50%, and property tax has increased by nearly 50% as well. Those in government continue to profit off the hardship of the people. Every week hundreds of dollars are withdrawn from your paycheck and sent to government officials to spend as they will. Nearly every aspect of our lives is being negatively impacted by government officials' decisions. Now, those same government officials are declaring that you are the greatest threat to America!

Parents participating in school board meetings are being declared domestic terrorists. Christians peacefully worshiping in opposition to abortions are being arrested and prosecuted. The White House is toying with the possibility of nuclear war. Anyone who publicly opposes them is considered an enemy to the state.

The government has become anti-you!

As governor of Idaho, I will change the culture of government back to one that serves the people as an agent of the people. Without a dramatic change, I see no end to government growth and abuse in sight. Government officials that have declared you as their enemy will never stop growing, never stop spending, never stop taking from you until they are stopped. As governor I intend to strip the unconstitutional powers of government and stop the growth, abuse and theft of government officials.

Bringing the power of government back to the people will improve every Idahoan's life while maintaining the ability for government officials to perform their authorized duties in defending against those that take life, liberty and property.

If government officials will not or cannot defend life, liberty or our property then why do we need to pay them? Why do we need them at all?

Ammon Bundy


The Media Claims I am Anti-Government