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Statement on Hospitals in Idaho Forcing Their Employees on Get the COVID Vaccine

Statement on Hospitals in Idaho Forcing Their Employees on Get the COVID Vaccine

July 10th, 2021


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All the hospital employees that do not want to get the vaccine should refuse to take it and use the religious or medical exemptions already available to them—and keep the government out of it! If the government can force one way then it can force the other way as well.

In an effort to oppose, Janice McGeachin is prepping to use the government incorrectly, just like Brad Little does. The government should not be in the business of forcing business to do things they don't want to. If this becomes the normal, either way, you have the very definition of socialism going on. Socialism is the state controlling the means of production. I don't think any true Idahoan wants that. Janice and Brad are moving in the same direction of government force, but for opposite reasons.

Those employees also could use the civil courts if they feel their employer has breached their employment agreement by forcing vaccines on them. But asking the government to arbitrarily step in is a very bad idea for everyone in the long run. If you set that precedent, then you can say “bye bye” to private business and free enterprise. Let us be wise!

No is no! If the employees would say “NO” and force the hospitals managers to fire them or not make it an issue, then the matter is resolved correctly. Employee/employer relations must be a free market relationship just like customer/employer relations. If government meddles with that, then they mess it all up. This issue must be resolved between the employee and the employer. If a breach of contract is in play, then the parties (if one wishes) can litigate in civil court and try to resolve it that way. But in no way does the government have a place in forcing either the employer or the employee.

Ammon Bundy