Ammon Bundy for Governor
Idaho Will Help Liberals Move Out

Idaho Will Help Liberals Move Out, It's Cheaper than Keeping Them Here

October 25th, 2022


Contact: Wendy Leatham
Campaign Manager
PO Box 370
Emmett, ID 83617
(208) 81-BUNDY

Currently 39.7% of Idaho's budget goes to fund welfare programs, that’s nearly $4 billion of our taxes being spent on state welfare services, EVERY YEAR! These welfare programs are opening up opportunities for leftist liberals to come to Idaho and live off the system while they destroy our conservative way of life. Idaho is quickly descending down a path that will eventually allow these people and their philosophy to destroy Idaho as we know it. So let’s end the multi-billion dollar welfare state in Idaho, minimize taxes for all working Idahoans, and help the liberals move somewhere else!

The Republican Party establishment has controlled the Idaho Senate, House, and Governor's office for the past 26 years, so, being Republicans, you would think Idaho would be the state with the least welfare. But it's not! The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare reported that nearly 51% of Idahoans used at least 1 state welfare program in 2021. And to make matters worse, the department heads are saying. “That is not good enough, we need to do more.”

Governor Little has increased Idaho's food stamp program by 24.2%. That's more than any other state in the country. Governor Little has also dedicated millions in federal and state funds to free government housing in Idaho. Governor Little also supported Obamacare and Medicaid expansion in Idaho. With Brad Little as Governor Idaho has become a leading welfare state.

Why is this important for YOU to know?

Because, free housing, government welfare, food stamps, state funded healthcare, free education, and free transportation ARE the staples of a socialist agenda. Living off the state is how many liberals survive in Idaho and they can be so active in destroying our values. No person has allowed the left to take root in Idaho more than Brad Little and his Republican in name only buddies! No wonder Idaho is in a fatal battle for its Conservative soul!

As governor, I will diminish the socialist welfare programs of the state of Idaho and push the responsibility of charitable services back to the local community, churches, and family, where it belongs. Liberals who want to live in Idaho will need to provide for themselves or leave the state to get welfare somewhere else. Allowing the left to live off the fruits of tax paying Idahoans while they diminish our values makes no logical sense, unless the goal is to destroy Idaho.

Ammon Bundy


Idaho Will Help Them Move