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Ammon Bundy’s Official Statement About the Re-escalation of COVID Mandates

Ammon Bundy’s Official Statement About the Re-escalation of COVID Mandates

July 28th, 2021


Contact: Wendy Leatham
Campaign Manager
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Emmett, ID 83617
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As you may have heard, the CDC is recommending that all students K-12 wear a mask again this year. Vaccinated or not. The madness continues. Remember the chances of youth dying from Covid is a number so small that it starts with a decimal and a bunch of zeros. To date, no evidence has proven that Covid passes from youth to adult. So this is not about safety. Is the real reason about control? Teaching our children to be fearful and obedient to those in political power no matter the reason?

Last year I refused to wear a mask at my son’s high school football game. The school superintendent shut the game down, sent everyone home, and trespassed me from the property. Myself and others (later that year) were arrested at the Idaho Capitol building for peacefully standing up to Governor Little’s unconstitutional covid policies. I spent approximately 65 hours in jail over these matters. Where were the legislators then? Where was the Lieutenant Governor? Silent!

Because Idahoans did not stand strong enough against the mandates last year we fight them again this year. If need be, I am willing to put down the campaign banner, gather my friends once again and combat these psychopaths who hate this country and the individual liberty it fosters. People may call this extreme, they can vote for or against me as they desire, but there comes a time when more must be done and those with positions in our state legislature are refusing to act.

Idahoans must make it crystal clear that no person or group (including government personnel) have the right to force us to put a man made filter over our mouth or our children’s. That no person or people have a right to inject something into our body, nor force us to close our businesses or our churches. That no one has the authority to restrict us from leaving our homes or from traveling about. The right to make these decisions for ourselves is a gift from God to each man and woman and it is worth fighting for.

If Idaho legislators choose again not to protect the people’s rights, then the people will be required to settle the matter ourselves.

Ammon Bundy