Ammon Bundy for Governor
The Woke Cult has No Place in Idaho

The Woke Cult has No Place in Idaho

October 13th, 2022


Contact: Wendy Leatham
Campaign Manager
PO Box 370
Emmett, ID 83617
(208) 81-BUNDY

Our sacred freedoms and values are under attack in this country and especially in Idaho!

Approximately 36% of the people moving to Idaho are leftist liberals. They want desperately to change Idaho into a more socialist, progressively Woke place to live.

Under our current governor, 39.7% of Idaho's budget goes to fund welfare programs, opening up opportunities for Woke Extremists to come to Idaho and live off the system while they destroy our conservative way of life. Idaho is quickly descending down a path that will allow these people and their philosophy to deteriorate Idaho as we know it. Idahoans are paying for their own destruction!

The Republican party establishment has controlled the Idaho Senate, House, and Governor’s office for the past 26 years. Being Republicans, you’d think Idaho would be the state that would protect against the Woke agenda. But it’s not!

As governor of Idaho, I will make sure that this Woke Cult and its twisted ideology are not welcome in our state. We must take specific actions that will protect Idahoans and destroy the Woke Cult's incentive to come or stay in Idaho:

  • End government welfare programs that allow them to live off of Idahoans while they use their time as activists against our values.

  • Strengthen Idahoans property rights to ensure Woke disciples will never take what is not theirs.

  • End progressive taxes that strengthen socialism in Idaho and weakens individual self-reliance and independence.

  • Abolish government control and regulation over private businesses.

  • Make Idaho more independent from federal control so Idahoans determine their own destiny and are not manipulated through federal funds.

  • Enforce Idaho law to protect our children from their perverse curriculum and assaults.

If we act NOW, we can keep Idaho’s conservative foundation, drive out the Woke agenda and enjoy the liberty that we want and need for ourselves and for our children!

Ammon Bundy