Ammon Bundy for Governor
Phone Call to a Radio Show

Talking Points for Radio Call-Ins

Ending Immoral Taxation

  • I agree that we need to get rid of property tax because it is immoral.
  • Nine other states have gotten rid of personal income tax, it makes no sense for us not to do so here in Idaho.
  • All of the states needs can be provided for with a consumption tax.

Economic Growth Plan

  • We absolutely need to take back our land from the federal government.
  • Republican leaders have demonstrated time and time again that they will simply not fight for what's right. Ammon is the only one who we know will fight to take our land back.
  • The affordable housing crisis is a total disaster. I support Ammon cause if we can't get affordable housing here in Idaho, then everyday people like me will have to move elsewhere because we can't afford to live here anymore.
  • If we can elect Ammon and make Idaho a Health Freedom and Body autonomy state, our economy will explode!
  • Why should people be leaving the country to save their lives. Let them come here to Idaho. Let our economy grow!
  • Ammon is the only candidate anywhere talking about integrating Cryptocurrency into our lives. Look, crypto is the future. Ammon is far more advanced than anybody else to even be talking about this.

Exalting Justice

  • Ammon is the first person to expose the corruption and waste in our justice system.
  • It makes no sense to spend so much money on corrections.
  • If Idaho has such little crime, why do we have so many criminals?
  • Why are we spending so much money needlessly on law enforcement?
  • Why are we putting drug abusers in jail? That doesn't help anybody and it only destroys families.
  • Finally, a candidate who is turning to the people for solutions instead of telling us the government will solve everything. Fathers and churches are the proper way to solve drug addiction.
  • Civil Asset Forfeiture is evil. It is just stealing. We have to get rid of it if we're going to have a free state and free country.
  • Police officers have been abused by politicians and bureaucrats for TOO LONG. Thank God Ammon is proposing rules to allow cops to act according to their conscience. This is long overdue!
  • No one has the guts to get rid of cronyism other than Ammon. The RINO establishment here in Idaho is thick and long. Ammon will finally get rid of them!

Social Prosperity

  • Ammon is showing the rest of the RINOs it is time to put up or shut up. Why hasn't anybody proposed this stuff before?
  • Ammon is the only governor with the guts to sign an executive order to end abortion. Brad Little signed multiple illegal executive orders violating peoples rights, it should not be a big deal for Ammon to sign an executive order to save innocent lives!
  • Finally a candidate willing to trust teachers and let the teach without bureaucrats telling them what to do!
  • Ammon will finally get rid of Obamacare! Butch Otter and Scott Bedke gave us Obamacare and it shows you who the Republicans really are in this state. They're all RINOs.
  • Ammon supports the Parental Rights amendment and so do I. That's why I'm voting for him.
  • Ammon will finally get rid of state licensing requirements. What a joke that is. We don't need it. Let the free market work!
  • It would be a dream to interact with government offices where they actually care about customer service. Thank God Ammon is highlighting this in his platform.
  • Blockchain is the future of everything. Ammon is the only candidate that I know of in the country talking about integrating blockchain technology into government in order to make it more efficient.