Ammon Bundy for Governor
Lies and Smears about Ammon Bundy

Lies and Smears about Ammon Bundy

The most common lies and smears you will hear about me are completely invalidated and dealt with below.

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LIE: Ammon Bundy supports Black Lives Matter.

LIE: Ammon Bundy wants to defund the police.

LIE: Ammon is in favor of open borders.

LIE: Ammon is an "anti-government" activist.

LIE: Ammon is a dangerous right-wing "extremist".

LIE: Ammon creates mayhem just for political attention.

I have never asked for the limelight. And even now, I don't like it nor do I want it. Believe me, I'd rather be home with my family, on the ranch, enjoying nature and living peacefully.

I was unfortunately thrust into the public eye simply because I stood with my family to defend our rights and specifically to defend our land that the Federal Government was trying to steal from us.

Thankfully, thousands of American Patriots came out to support us. And the result of those experiences put a fire in me to fight for liberty and justice ever since.

I personally do not want any attention, politically or otherwise, but I cannot reject the fire God has put in me to expose corruption and preserve liberty.

LIE: Ammon led an armed insurrection against the government in Oregon.

LIE: Ammon got arrested at the Capitol for trespassing on State property.

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