Ammon Bundy for Governor
Lies and Smears about Ammon Bundy

Lies and Smears about Ammon Bundy

The most common lies and smears you will hear about me are completely invalidated and dealt with below.

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LIE: Ammon Bundy supports Black Lives Matter.

LIE: Ammon Bundy wants to defund the police.

LIE: Ammon is in favor of open borders.

LIE: Ammon is an "anti-government" activist.

I am not anti-government. In fact, my faith teaches me that government is given to us from a higher authority and its purpose is to protect people's rights which come from God Himself. I agree with the founding fathers of America in regards to how they viewed the role of government.

However, I do not support government overreach nor any open, plain, or obvious corruption in government. That's it. So it's this simple—I believe in the righteous and proper role of government, and I denounce and oppose any unrighteousness or corruption in government. It is that simple.

What about you? Do you agree with my position or do you support all actions taken by government, no matter what?

LIE: Ammon is a dangerous right-wing "extremist".

LIE: Ammon creates mayhem just for political attention.

LIE: Ammon led an armed insurrection against the government in Oregon.

LIE: Ammon got arrested at the Capitol for trespassing on State property.