Ammon Bundy for Governor
Lies and Smears about Ammon Bundy

Lies and Smears about Ammon Bundy

The most common lies and smears you will hear about me are completely invalidated and dealt with below.

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LIE: Ammon Bundy supports Black Lives Matter.

LIE: Ammon Bundy wants to defund the police.

LIE: Ammon is in favor of open borders.

I have never stated that I am in favor of "open borders" and I am not in favor of it as it is commonly portrayed. I have, however, stated that I don't believe that EVERYONE who is crossing the border is necessarily a bad person. There are plenty of people coming across simply because they want a better life for their family.

I have also plainly stated and will continue to reinforce my belief that the real problem is not immigration, but welfare! We should not be incentivizing people to come to this country in order to get freebies. Likewise, if honest, hard-working individuals want to come to our country, then we should make a simple and legal path of migration available to them.

Interestingly enough, most people agree with me, but the media again creates a FALSE DICHOTOMY and gullible people fall for it. Just because you point out that not all immigrants are criminals, it doesn't mean you are in favor of "open borders."

Likewise, if you pronounce and declare that SOME immigrants who cross the border are criminals and are crossing for nefarious purposes, that doesn't make you a racist or a xenophobe.

LIE: Ammon is an "anti-government" activist.

LIE: Ammon is a dangerous right-wing "extremist".

LIE: Ammon creates mayhem just for political attention.

LIE: Ammon led an armed insurrection against the government in Oregon.

LIE: Ammon got arrested at the Capitol for trespassing on State property.